2024 Trump Presidential Deck Playing Cards

The Initial Design

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The Trump Presidential Deck is the MUST HAVE political souvenir for supporters of Donald Trump!! The deck celebrates Trump and his policies ... and you have to see the Jokers!! Each card face is unique and uses original artwork to portray a prominent statesman or personality to communicate the reasons why Trump should be re-elected President in 2024!!



(A) Donald Trump
(A) Donald Trump
(A) Donald Trump
(A) Donald Trump
(K) Donald Trump
(K) Donald Trump
(K) Donald Trump
(K) Donald Trump
(Q) Melania Trump
(Q) Ivanka Trump
(Q) Kayleigh McEnany
(Q) Tulsi Gabbard
(J) Donald Trump Jr.
(J) Ronald Reagan
(J) Elon Musk
(J) Kevin McCarthy
(10) Jim Jordan
(10) Matt Gaetz
(10) Willie Robertson
(10) Ted Cruz
(9) Kristi Noem
(9) Jerome Powell
(9) Tucker Carlson
(9) Mitch McConnell
(8) Brett Kavanaugh
(8) Benjamin Netanyahu
(8) Kid Rock
(8) Marco Rubio
(7) Kellyanne Conway
(7) Lauren Bobert
(7) Greg Gutfeld
(7) Rand Paul
(6) Ron DeSantis
(6) Mike Lindell
(6) Vince McMahon
(6) Linsdsey Graham
(5) Mike Pence
(5) Nigel Farage
(5) Tom Brady
(5) Devin Nunes
(4) Kari Lake
(4) Dana White
(4) Ben Shapiro
(4) Mitt Romney
(3) Jared Kushner
(3) Kanye West
(3) Candace Owens
(3) Bernie Sanders
(2) Mike Pence
(2) Joe Biden
(2) Adam Schiff
(2) Hillary Clinton

And in case you were wondering, these are poker sized, casino quality. Made in the USA.

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