Striped Knit Roll Hat with Initial

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These striped, rolled edge hats make wonderful gifts for any child. Knitted of 100% cotton, these hats are so soft and comfortable. Personalize each hat with your main stripe/roll color, a second stripe color, and your initial color.

The hat can be pushed up or down on the head or rolled up a bit to make it smaller.  If the hat fits generously, it can be worn the next season as well. Do keep in mind they stretch. And shrinkage may occur in wash.

A note about color choices: Please make sure the color for your Initial is a nice contrast to the stripes. If you go with light stripes, we recommend a dark color for the letter. If you go with dark stripes, we recommend going with a light color for the letter. For example the Baby Pink and Baby Blue look beautiful together as Stripes but do to have a strong enough contrast for the Initial. Please choose a darker color for the Initial. But don't worry too much about your color choices. If we think you have ordered something that will not work well together, we will contact you for a better color choice. 

Proudly made in the USA.

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