Monogrammed Satin Tag for Wedding Gown

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Stitched in blue, this monogrammed wedding gown label is a keepsake for the bride-to-be. This personalized 2.25" tall satin label is traditionally sewn at the top of the bodice back on the inside or inside the skirt hem at front.

Dress labels only take a bit of hand sewing, so the bride, a family member, or the person doing alterations can do it easily.

For a Traditional Monogram, the middle letter (the family name) is LARGER and in the center. It is flanked by two smaller letters representing the first name on the left and either the middle or maiden name on the right.

For a Couple’s Monogram (when the bride takes the groom’s last name), the monogram is the Bride’s First Name, Common Last Name, Groom’s First Name. (Example: George + Mary Smith would be MSG.)

Enter your initials in the order you would like them stitched. The center initial will be embroidered larger than the initials on the ends.

If you would like to match a specific color, please send us a fabric swatch. Paint chips also work great for color matching.

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